When Would You Need MEP Engineers?

MEP engineers are close associates of architects as they often work together on building projects, especially the high-rise ones. If architects work hard to shape a building, then MEP engineers endeavor to give the building its functionalities. However, even if you have already known the task and scope of work of MEP engineers, sometimes it isn’t clear whether you should hire them or not. To help you get a better idea on MEP engineers [...]

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Why MEP Engineers Are Needed in Construction Projects

While everyone more or less knows about architects and what they do, there is still relatively scant information on MEP engineers, who are the unsung heroes of high-rise buildings. If architects are the ones who design the shape and size of a building, the MEP engineers cater to its veins, neurons, and skeleton by mapping the water, sewage, and electrical systems for every high-rise building. Because their publicity has been quite low up [...]

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MEP Engineers and What They Do

High-rise commercial and residential buildings are wonderful sights to behold. With a height that reaches the firmament, these marvelous giants challenge every architectural feat and engineering technology that mankind has invented. However, while architects are often well-known and celebrated by architectural students around the world, we have seemingly forgotten another kind of unsung heroes who have considerably contributed to the success of these buildings. These heroes are the MEP engineers. Their name might [...]

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MEP Engineering Applications in Plumbing System Design

MEP engineering services encompass mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installation for a high-rise building. Just as every building requires electric wires and air conditioning units to supply power and regulate the temperature, a plumbing system is also an integral part to any high-rise building because it gives occupants or office workers access to clean water and sanitary sewage disposal, which are essential parts in our daily lives. Understandably, planning and installing a plumbing system can [...]

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MEP Engineering for a Smarter Lighting System

Lighting is an essential part of every building, and it is one of the most challenging facets of MEP engineering. A smart lighting system does not only provide ample light to the building’s occupants, but it also helps to save energy costs and resources, as well as shape the aesthetics of the building itself. If you want to design a smart lighting system, it’s best to hire an MEP engineer for the job. [...]

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How MEP Engineering Improves Mechanical Systems

Setting up a mechanical system is an essential part of any standard MEP engineering service. The mechanical system runs the air conditioning units that aim to regulate the temperature for each housing unit or office while also providing ample ventilation in the process. Air conditioning is of great importance to any building. If you make a mistake with this system, the chance of you running into trouble with your clients is very high. For [...]

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The Advantages of Hiring MEP Engineers

The role of MEP engineers is essential in any construction project. Whether you’re looking to build a residential building, an office, or a hospital, MEP engineers are needed so that the net result is satisfactory. With their help, you’ll have a place that lasts for a long time without needing frequent repairs. The Job of MEP Engineers So what does MEP stand for? It stands for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. It’s an MEP [...]

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Why You Should Hire MEP Engineers

When you walk into any building, whether it’s a store, a hospital, or an office, you’ll notice certain things. You consider its temperature, lighting, and overall design. Most of these are the responsibilities of MEP engineers. MEP engineers spend their lives learning and finding ways to optimize certain factors to provide a suitable environment for the building’s occupants. MEP Engineers’ Role MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing. The role of [...]

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The Impact of the Role of MEP Engineers

MEP engineers are essential when it comes to working with architects and owners to find out the best possible way to deliver the engineering design of the building with optimum infrastructure. Without MEP engineers, a lot could go wrong with the construction and the building’s structure might start to wear down and lose its value rather quickly. HVAC Systems First of all, MEP engineers handle what is called HVAC. HVAC stands for heating, [...]

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Factors Controlled by MEP Engineering

Building owners need to look into MEP engineering to add quality, sustainability, and longevity to their buildings. A building might have the most attractive design on the outside, but does it have the facilities needed to be sustainable?  MEP engineering exists to add functionality to buildings and maintain their long-term value. Electricity Consumption and MEP Engineering Installing a building’s electrical lines unsystematically could lead to excessively high electric bills. MEP engineers, through [...]

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