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The majority of builders from Idaho to West Virginia have come to recognize NY-Engineers.Com as a company they can relied on for Value Engineering. What many individuals have not realize is that NY Engineers, is the ideal choice for architects searching for MEP Engineer in Maple Heights Ohio.

This is in regards to tasks which include many factors specially in construction. With all of these moving parts, it becomes very important to hire a lead tactician to handle everything and see that all standards are maintained from beginning to conclusion.  This is when MEP engineering enters  the discussion. It’s often referred to as MEP engineering.

In essence, the obligation of the person holding this position is to oversee the project and be sure every one of these components are handled wisely. This will include having knowledge of budgeting for emergencies, working out operating cost and ensuring various inspection mechanisms are in position from the start. This is the best way to ensure the results are valid and the job continues to move in the right direction.

With the MEP engineer in Maple Heights Ohio, there will probably be various delegations passed out which is going to return to this specific specialist when it is time to ascertain what is working or what  isn’t.

An MEP engineer is a specific position that is intended to deal with these various details while ensuring that everything works in harmony from day one. Whether it be putting together strategies, inspecting new fixes, or stressing particular steps, things are all completed by the engineer. These experts have sufficient knowledge and see the particulars of every position in more detail.

MEP Engineers versus Electrical Engineers in Maple Heights Ohio

The average individual knows who an electric engineer is but they may not be aware of an MEP engineer. Let’s check out this comparison of MEP engineers versus electrical engineers.

MEP Engineer

This is mechanical, electrical and plumbing, which clarifies what the person is accountable for. In general, an MEP engineer is answerable for running and planning in the field of mechanical, electrical, or plumbing systems. This may include the addition of specific plans/policies/details to optimize the underlying approach laid out for the project at hand. They will also be motivated to do all this while creating specific inspection standards within the determined budget.

Electrical Engineer

These dedicated pros are restricted to electrical projects. Their skils involves electronics, electromagnetism and also the general utilization of electricity. This can be found in many forms but it is a concentration that is certainly specifically studied for by these professionals. In comparison, an MEP engineer in Maple Heights Ohio features a more diversified approach to dealing with projects and may use a greater amount of responsibilities when compared with an electrical engineer. But, the electrical engineer is way more specialized if it pertains to anything related to electricity since that may be their main specialized skillset. At NY Engineers, we are aware that a lot of people in the trade did not know that we offer MEP Engineering Service in or near Maple Heights Ohio, that is why we urge everybody to browse our Energy Modeling blog

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US Department of Energy: Electrical Engineering Efficiency Standards for Appliances and Equipment

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Energy and electrical engineering in all its forms are complex technical topics, and for the general public it can be hard to tell which products are energy efficient. The US Department of Energy (DOE) has been creating and enforcing standards since 1979 to ensure that appliances and equipment provide value for customers. This has been one of the most effective energy efficiency policies ever implemented by the US, yielding billions of dollars in energy savings each year.

As of 2017, the US Department of Energy publishes standards for more than 60 product categories, which account for more than 90% of residential energy consumption, 60% of commercial energy consumption, and 30% of industrial energy consumption. In addition, the DOE updates its procedures every seven years to keep up with the pace of technological development. These testing procedures are also used by the ENERGY STAR program, which showcases the most efficient products in the market, and is a joint effort by the US Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The main differences between both programs are the following:

  • The Appliance and Equipment Standards Program is mandatory and enforced by federal laws. If a product is part of a regulated category and is found to be non-compliant, it cannot be sold legally in the US.
  • The ENERGY STAR program is more demanding in its performance requirements, but voluntary. However, labeling is required by some rebate programs for energy-efficient equipment. The program has a category called ENERGY STAR Most Efficient, which lists the top-performing equipment year by year.

Achievements of the DOE Standards Program

Thanks to the DOE Appliances and Equipment Standards Program, energy consumers are expected to achieve cumulative savings of $1 trillion by 2020, and $2 trillion by 2030. In 2015 alone, US homes and businesses saved approximately $63 billion in energy expenses thanks to the program.

In the absence of DOE standards, the average US household would spend $321 more on energy each year. In addition, since testing procedures and standards are under constant improvement, annual household savings are expected to increase to $529 by 2030. The following are some of the home appliances that have achieved the largest efficiency improvements since the US DOE started regulating them:

  • Compared with 1973 models, modern refrigerators only consume 25% of the energy while offering 20% more storage space and having a retail price that is 50% lower.
  • Since 1990, energy use has been reduced by 70% for clothes washers, 40% for dishwashers, 50% for air conditioners and 10% for furnaces.

To keep up with the pace of technological development, the US DOE reviews its approved testing procedures every seven years, and standards are reviewed every six years. This helps manufacturers schedule their product launches more effectively, since the publication of reviewed standards and testing procedures follows a predictable timeframe.

How the DOE Chooses Which Products to Regulate

When deciding which appliances and equipment to cover in its standards, the DOE considers the average energy consumption of the product in question and its total energy use throughout the US. They also analyze the technological and economic implications of energy efficiency improvements, and only proceed with those that are considered feasible.

There are many occasions where a specific product category is found to have significant potential for energy efficiency improvement, but a labeling program may be enough to achieve the required performance level. In these cases, the DOE may decide that a full standard is not necessary and that a labeling program is enough.

How Manufacturers and Electrical Engineering Experts Can Manage their Certification Process

Although DOE standardization may seem like a burden for manufacturers and others involved in electrical engineering, it is actually beneficial because they can deal with a single regulating entity, rather than having to meet fragmented standards from many institutions. In fact, no agency is allowed to regulate products already covered by DOE standards, unless a waiver is granted by the DOE itself.

The US DOE developed an online tool called the Compliance Certification Management System (CCMS). Through this platform, manufacturers and authorized third-parties can create, submit and track reports completely through the Internet. The system has a Microsoft Excel template for each product category to speed up the certification process, and submissions are automatically directed to the corresponding area of the DOE’s Building Technologies Office for review.

Once a submission has been approved, it is published through another online tool called the Compliance Certification Database, where certification reports and compliance statements can be browsed and filtered by product category. The US DOE updates the database every two weeks, adding any new products that were reviewed and certified after the last update. This database ensures that all key certification information is readily available for manufacturers, as well as their business partners and clients.

The eeCompass Platform For Customers

Even with certified products, a customer may not get the best performance if the equipment selected is not a suitable match for the intended application. Therefore, the DOE has created the eeCompass website to help customers make informed decisions regarding their energy-consuming appliances.

The eeCompass platform covers more than 2 million products and allows users to search and compare them by model number, manufacturer or key performance metrics.

The US Department of Energy holds meetings where the general public is invited to comment on proposed changes to testing procedures and standards. Meeting dates are published in the Building Technologies Office website, and participation can be in-person or online.

By making sure their electrical engineering professionals and other contractors only use compliant equipment, property management companies can guarantee energy efficiency in their building systems, while also making indoor spaces safer for occupants.

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