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Construction companies throughout Deer Park, New York have come to depend on NY-Engineers.Com for a wide range of engineering services ranging from Plumbing Engineering to Engineering Reports. That is why property owners in Lake Barrington will tell you that if you are seeking a dependable MEP Engineering firm in Lake Barrington, IL you should consider New York Engineers.

It is very possible, you may have walked through any particular type of building and witnessed the results of MEP Engineering. To put it simply, MEP centers on the mechanical, electrical and plumbing facets of engineering. Basically, MEP already gives a clue to the most frequent and accurate notion of exactly what is MEP. Our article may go into some details of what is MEP Engineering.

So far as the mechanical side is concerned, for commercial and residential engineering, this handles anything which moves. Moreover its involves the application of complex and uncomplicated machines along with other mechanical mechanisms to execute certain tasks. Some common mechanical engineering jobs which can be noticed daily are kitchen or bath exhausts, HVAC units, cooling and heating air systems, heating & cooling equipment and systems which take care of boosting the energy productivity.

The electrical element of construction is centered on the electrical safety, functions, components, and more importantly, the wiring of the building. Engineers with this section go to great lengths to ensure the schematics of the building are designed to provide enough electricity to every individual component in a safe manner ensuring that every one of the electrical codes are followed. Some familiar electrical engineering jobs are available in the lighting design, regulating the voltage and allocating the energy to each and every component in the structure which needs a supply.

So far as plumbing, there is a variety of plumbing factors that make up the final style of any building. Plumbing engineering goes deeper than simply sinks, faucets, and toilets, and houses many behind the scene devices. These being the drainage line and sewage plus the buildings local water supply and exactly how it flows.

As we conclude this article we certainly have just reviewed what is MEP Engineering. MEP Engineering is managed in the construction industry. And, aids in completing the simply unnoticed technical elements of any building.

Hiring an MEP Engineering Firm in Lake Barrington is Important for Major Construction Projects

Employing an MEP engineering company in Brainerd Chicago, Illinois, can have a whole lot to do with the achievements of your construction project. These engineers may help offset the cost of making this kind of hiring decision in relation to energy upkeep alone. If you are speaking about large commercial structures, energy saving is really a topic of discussion. It’s time to discover various other great reasons for employing MEP engineering firm in Bridgeport Chicago, IL.

Engineers have everything to do with the structural integrity of any building. As you can well imagine, this means the hidden is very essential. Design not just deals in looks but the basis of a building also its components. That is merely another solid reason why using an MEP engineering firm will likely be beneficial to any project.

Consider all the pipes and plumbing. Look at the air conditioning systems and how important it is to get all of its components in the correct places. Energy saving was mentioned, however energy efficiency can be another significant term to speak of. Energy efficiency has everything to do with your HVAC system, and it plays a huge role in energy maintenance as a whole.

Think of your building’s footing. Consider the installation of security alarms and the safety and security measures set up throughout the structure. With everything described thus far, it’s reliable advice that a great many elements of building construction could be either ignored or minimized short of MEP experts on-the-job.

Now with all you know you will look to get the best MEP engineering firm in the industry, right? It is pretty clear how the best engineers really need to be involved in the large scale building of commercial structures. Customized may be the right term to utilize to illustrate how these pros will modify a construction project to meet the requirements of your operations. There is a great possibility you would like more details on the MEP Engineering services in Lake Barrington, IL by NY-Engineers.Com we invite you to check out at our Lake Barrington Engineering Reports blog.

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Financial Analysis: Your Next Mechanical Engineering Project

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Basics of Financial Analysis for Engineering Projects

Mechanical engineering decisions have a significant impact on the total cost of owning a building: they influence the cost of new constructions and renovations, as well as operation and maintenance expenses in existing facilities. The most challenging decisions are normally those that raise some costs while reducing others; for example, using LED fixtures instead of fluorescent tubes raises the upfront cost of the lighting system, but drastically reduces energy and maintenance expenses in the long run.

If you are involved in engineering design or consulting, financial analysis is one of the most powerful complementary skills you can master. Financial analysis grants engineers and firms some distinctive advantages over competitors who only focus on technical aspects:

  • Ability to “speak the same language” as business executives, bankers and investors.
  • Adding an extra dimension to engineering analysis: After proposing a technical solution, it can be complemented with an analysis of different purchasing options – upfront payment, financing the project with a loan, leasing equipment, etc.

The benefits offered by an engineering project are strongly determined by the performance characteristics of the proposed system, but the way in which the project is financed also plays an important role.

First Step in Mechanical Engineering Projects: Creating a Cash Flow Projection

A cash flow projection is the basis of financial analysis, and it answers the following questions:

  • What is the upfront cost of the project?
  • What are the net yearly savings?
  • Will a loan be used to cover the upfront cost? If so, what are the terms?
  • What is the service life of the project?

The approach is slightly different for new constructions and major renovations, compared with existing buildings.

  • In the case of new constructions and major renovations there is already a baseline cost to assume, which can’t be avoided. Therefore, any proposed project must be assessed compared to how much it raises or reduces the baseline cost.
  • The baseline cost has already been assumed in existing buildings. Therefore, the full project cost is considered in this scenario.

To illustrate this, assume a heat pump with a cost of $1500 is being considered as an alternative to a $900 resistance heater. In a new project the resistance heater represents a baseline cost, so the real upgrade cost is only the price difference of $600. On the other hand, in an existing building the cost of the resistance heater has already been assumed, and the upgrade must be assessed based on the full price of $1500.

In simple terms: you should consider the cost difference for installations that haven’t been built, and the full upgrade cost for existing installations before beginning your mechanical engineering project. This is the reason why energy efficiency and renewable energy measures offer a higher return per dollar spent in new projects.

For yearly savings and expenses, the approach is the same in both scenarios: they are compared with the expected baseline cost in new projects, and with the current operating cost in existing buildings.

Return on Investment (ROI)

The return on investment, or ROI, can also by defined best though a question: What percentage of the initial investment does the project yield each year?

ROI(%)= (Net Yearly Savings (USD/year))/(Initial Investment (USD)) x 100%

Return on Equity (ROE) – Alternate Analysis when Debt Financing is Involved

Assume the HVAC systems in the example above was purchased with $500,000 from the client’s capital and with a $1,000,000 loan at a yearly interest rate of 4%. In this case, there is an interest payment of $40,000 for the first year, reducing net savings to $210,000. The ROE would be:

ROE(%)=(Net Savings After Interest (USD/year))/(Client’s Equity in Project (USD))=($210,000/year)/$500,000 x100%=42%

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

The internal rate of return (IRR) can best be described as the interest rate the project would yield if it was a stock portfolio or bank account. Therefore, a project with an IRR of 10% would perform better than an investment yielding 8% interest per year, but would be surpassed by another option yielding 12% per year.

Like the NPV, the IRR is not limited by variable cash flows and loan payments, and can be calculated directly with Microsoft Excel with the following formula:

=IRR (Select all yearly cash flows, including the upfront cost)

Concluding Remarks

Financial analysis can add considerable value to engineering design and consulting services, since the client can rest assured that the proposed solutions make sense from both the technical and financial standpoint. For contractors, it can also be a powerful marketing tool – a client is more likely to carry out a mechanical engineering project if the numbers can prove it is a good business decision.

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