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Construction companies throughout East Massapequa, NY have come to depend on New York Engineers for a wide range of engineering services ranging from Mechanical Engineering to Engineering Reports. This is why real estate investors in Longwood Manor Chicago will tell you that if you are seeking a excellent MEP Engineering firm in Longwood Manor Chicago, IL you need to consider NY Engineers.

Odds are, you might have walked through any particular kind of building and observed the final results of MEP Engineering. Simply put, MEP centers on the mechanical, electrical and plumbing areas of engineering. In essence, MEP already gives rise to the most prevalent and spot on notion of what is MEP. Our article will go into some details of what is MEP Engineering.

As far as the mechanical part is concerned, both for commercial and residential engineering, this deals with anything that moves. Moreover its involves the application of complex and simple machines as well as other mechanical mechanisms to perform certain tasks. Some everyday mechanical engineering tasks that may be noticed everyday are HVAC units, kitchen or bath exhausts, cooling and heating air systems and equipment and systems which handle increasing the energy productivity.

The electrical aspect of construction is centered on the electrical safety, functions, components, and above all, the wiring associated with a building. Engineers in this unit try very hard to make sure that the schematics of a building are made to bring sufficient electricity to each individual component in a safe manner where each of the electrical codes are met. Some common electrical engineering functions can be found in the lighting design, modifying the voltage and distributing the power to each component of structure which takes a supply.

As far as plumbing, there exists a wide array of plumbing components which make up the final model of any structure. Plumbing engineering goes deeper than merely sinks, faucets, and toilets, and contains several behind the scene appliances. These being the sewage and drainage lines as well as the buildings domestic water supply and just how it flows.

As we wrap up our article we certainly have just checked out what is MEP Engineering. MEP Engineering is administered throughout the construction industry. And, aids in completing the simply ignored technical facets of any building.

Hiring an MEP Engineering Firm in Longwood Manor Chicago is Necessary for Huge Construction Projects

Using an MEP engineering firm in Jefferson Park Chicago, Illinois, may have everything to do with the success of your construction project. These professionals might help offset the cost of making such a hiring decision with regards to energy management alone. When you are discussing huge commercial structures, energy conservation is a vital topic of discussion. It’s time to find out another great reasons for hiring MEP engineers in Kelvyn Park Chicago, Illinois.

Engineers have a lot to do with the physical integrity of your building. As you can well imagine, this means the unseen is very vital. Design not merely deals in looks but the groundwork of a building including its mechanism. That is certainly the next solid logic why employing an MEP engineering firm is going to be helpful to your project.

Think about each of the pipes and plumbing. Think about the heating and cooling systems and the importance of getting all its mechanics inside the correct places. Energy maintenance was discussed, but energy competence is an additional significant term to bring up. Energy efficiency is about your HVAC system, and it plays a huge role in energy conservation overall.

Think about your building’s footing. Consider installing fire alarm systems and the safety and security measures put in place through the entire structure. With everything else discussed thus far, it’s reliable advice that numerous areas of building construction can be either overlooked or underestimated short of MEP pros on-the-job.

Now with this info you are going to be looking for the very best MEP engineering firm available, right? It’s pretty clear the best engineers must be active in the large construction of commercial buildings. Customized may be the correct term to make use of to clarify just how these pros will modify a construction project to meet the needs of your operations. There is a great possibility you would like additional info on the MEP Engineering services in Longwood Manor Chicago, IL by New York Engineers you should take a look at our Longwood Manor Chicago Mechanical Engineering blog.

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A Plumbing Engineering Expert’s Guide to Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

Construction Engineering Degree

A Comprehensive Guide to Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

Functions: Heating and Cooling

VRF systems use refrigerant as the heat-carrying medium instead of water, as implied by their name. A pump is controlled by a variable-speed drive to adjust the flow of refrigerant, depending on current load. These plumbing engineering systems are easy to install once contractors get familiarized with them, while also providing flexible operation and a remarkable energy efficiency. Another advantage of VRF systems is their modular design, which makes them a great option for projects that will be built in stages.

The most basic version of a VRF system uses an outside condenser unit that can be used for either heating or cooling. There are two refrigerant lines, one for supply and one for return, and they are shared by various indoor fan-coils. Although this basic VRF configuration does not allow simultaneous heating and cooling for different building areas, there are two ways in which the system can be modified to accomplish this.

Plumbing Engineering: Explaining Different Pipe Systems

Two-Pipe System

When VRF systems only use only one supply line and one return line, it is possible for plumbing engineering professionals to deploy a branch controller for simultaneous heating and cooling of different building areas. The branch controller is installed between the condenser unit and the piping network delivering refrigerant to the indoor fan-coil units.

  • Areas that require cooling are supplied with refrigerant in liquid form (subcooled), and areas that require heating are supplied with refrigerant in gas form (superheated).
  • Basically, the heat extracted from cooled areas is delivered to heated areas, and the condenser only provides the output difference required to balance heating and cooling.
  • Two-pipe VRF systems with a branch controller are recommended when the capacity will be expanded in the future. Since the controller provides hub to which all indoor units connect, there is no need to modify existing refrigerant lines during an expansion.

Simultaneous heating and cooling are only possible in a two-pipe system if a branch controller is deployed. Alternatively, a three-pipe system can be used for buildings with simultaneous heating and cooling needs.

Three-Pipe System

This VRF system configuration uses three lines connected to the condenser unit: one for heating, one for cooling and a common return line. The basic operating principle of a three-pipe VRF system is the following:

  • Instead of using a branch controller to deliver either liquid or gaseous refrigerant, this function is built into the outdoor condenser unit.
  • The three lines (liquid, gas and return) are connected to all indoor fan-coils, and each unit is equipped with a branch selector that switches the supply depending on the specified operating mode – heating or cooling.
  • The return is common for all fan-coils, regardless of their operating mode.

A three-pipe system generally provides a higher heat recovery efficiency than a two-pipe system with a branch controller, but the system provides reduced flexibility for future expansions – the existing refrigerant lines must be modified by someone knowledgeable in plumbing engineering to add more fan-coils.

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